Learning to love and to Leading Quality education, caring supportive relationship, Inspiring resilient children, Creating inspirational environments and Nurturing active faith.

  • We aim to develop the essential skills for success as learners and promote learning as an adventure where creativity and innovation is celebrated.
  • Growth of the whole person as an individual, empowered to use their gifts and talents to make a difference
  • Engaging all learners through excellence in teaching and learning within the context of the real world.
  • Developing a family of learners, fully prepared for a life-long learning journey.


  • We aim, through authentic relationships, to realise the potential of each individual and the growth of the community as a whole.
    • Collaborative partnerships, based on mutual trust and respect, are valued and integral to our inclusive practices
    • A thriving culture of appreciation exists, where each member of our school is acknowledged for the important role they play.
    • A welcoming community that embraces and celebrates diversity.


  • We aim to empower children to be confident and successful and interact ethically with our dynamic world.
  • Enabling children to take on challenges, pose questions and solve problems, accepting mistakes as part of learning
  • Supporting our family of children to build and sustain caring relationships
  • Teaching children to develop independence and to lead fulfilling lives based on sound moral decisions
  • We aim to sustain and improve natural and social environments with a future orientated perspective interweaving faith, life and culture.
  • Productive learning takes place in a safe, clean, well-resourced and spacious environment that generates a sense of pride
  • Meaningful symbols represent our identity and connect us to our greater purpose to work for the common good
  • Our embedded culture of sustainability empowers children to successfully navigate the challenges of life ethically and peacefully


  • We aim to flourish as a community, learning and living Gospel values in the Catholic Christian tradition.
  • Living faith in action by ‘doing small things with great love’, following in the footsteps of Jesus and Mother Teresa.
  • Nourishing spirituality through meaningful prayer experiences and actions
  • Inviting all to participate in the life of the Church through compassion, service and outreach to others.


 To seek excellence not only in education but also widen the horizons of the young minds that would be adequately equipped intellectually, emotionally, morally and spiritually to embrace the challenges in future and ultimately to lead them to be excellent professionals, dedicated and enlightened leaders, great homemakers, and global citizens endowed with global understanding and above all, to be good human beings modeled by the vision and example of Jesus Christ  and enriched by the words and deeds of St. Mother Teresa.