I am Amilda Lepcha, an assistant Teacher in MOTHER TERESA SCHOOL, PWD TEHATTA. I am very much happy to work here as a teacher and I am proficient in teaching for pre-nursery students to second standard students at Mother Teresa’s School PWD,Tehatta. I have done my post-graduate studies from University of North Bengal with honours degree of Political Science. I have done also one year of course in DIT from JYCMS. I am an encouraging educator with an ability to make each subjects interesting for pupils providing them educational and personal guidance. I Provide analogies, group activities and prepare teaching plans that facilitate classroom participation and performance all the more make the teaching more qualidating.

Amilda Lepcha
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I am Gloria Regina Gomes, passionate about teaching both my subject orbit and English. I have completed my Bachelor of Arts in English Honours and minor in History and Sociology. After completing my graduation, I am enrolled in Masters in English. I am a trained teacher in the Primary wings. I have successfully completed my TTC training. I hold six years of teaching experience. During my teaching career, I teach students English, Social Studies, Science among other courses. I always strive to embed a student -centered teaching approach into the classroom. Children learn enthusiastically under my able leadership. Outside the classroom, my hobbies include reading books, playing badminton and throwball, teaching dance, listening to music and cooking. I like MOTHER TERESA SCHOOL and I am happy that I am appointed as an academic incharge of the school. This makes me proud. I love to be a teacher in MOTHER TERESA SCHOOL.


I am Miss. Agnes lepcha graduated from the University of Calcutta with the degree in Humanity and did my Masters in Education(MAEDU) from the Indira Gandhi National Open University. I have been teaching in Mother Teresa School PWD Tehatta since 4 years. I am currently appointed as a Academic in-charge of the school and the class teacher of class I. I am teaching English ,Environmental Science , computer and hindi at MOTHER TERRESA SCHOOL, PWD, TEHATTA. I teach the students with passion for the subjects and for the children. I am a self learner, independent and passionate. I believe that every child has the ability of learning but not in the same way or same day. I wish the children to learn the importance of hard work and to have a sense of pride doing their personal best.

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I am a graduate from University of North Bengal with degree in Sociology and two years diploma course under COP Examination in Communicative English and a self learner. I am a self-directed,highly enthusiastic and dedicated educator with solid commitment to social and academic growth who wants all her students to be successful learner also bears demonstrate ability to consistently individualize instruction based on students needs and ability. I teach english, Maths, science and other co curricular activities to the studnets of Mother Teresa School at PWD TEHATTA. I enjoy teaching and the students and guardians are passionate about my performance in the class. I like my teaching profession and I enjoy doing that.

Miss. Pasang Yanjee Sherpa
Asst.Class Teacher of Class-II
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I am Miss Rakhi Mondal, graduated from St. Xavier's College of Kolkata University in general and did my B.Ed in English from Kolkata University. I have been teaching in Mother Teresa School PWD Tehatta, since 3 years. I am appointed as a class teacher of class UKG. Besides teaching I am pursuing my studies in Masters degree in English. I am at present teaching English, Maths, Environmental science to the students. I teach to the students with love and passion. I am a dedicated, resourceful and goal driven professional educator with a solid commitment to the social and academic growth and development of every child. I wish that every child in the school should grow with a strong motive in mind and I firmly support them to achive their goal.


I'm Sujaya Mandal from Tehatta, Nadia, West Bengal. I studied at Tehatta Sridam Chandra Balika Vidyalay and completed my Diploma in Elementary Education (D. El. Ed.) From Loreto St. Mary's RC PTTI , Kolkata. Now I'm working as an asst. teacher at Mother Teresa School Tehatta since two years. I am a self motivated, Dedicated and Focused person. Whatever work I do, i do it with all sincerity, this is my real strength. I love dancing and reading books. Now I am pursuing M. A from Netaji Subhas Open University Jaharlal . Children like my teaching very much and they all love me and I too love them very much. I enjoy teaching Bengali for them. Every student in my class like the class and they all attend the class with lot of passion.

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I am a graduate from University of North Bengal with honours degree in Sociology and completed schooling from St.George’s Higher Secondary School,Pedong. I am a self motivated and adaptive tutor who helps children to develop their skills by providing them healthy atmosphere and using different teaching methods including physical demonstration and drawn illustration. I am teaching as an assistant teacher at MOTHER TERESA SCHOOL, PWD TEHATTA and I feel proud to be a teacher at this school. Children, guardians, teachers and staff like me and I love teaching and enjoy teaching in MOTHER TERESA SCHOOL, PWD TEAHATTA.

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I am Mrs. Trisha Mondal graduated from the University of Kanpur with the degree in English and pursuing M.A. in English. I have been teaching in Mother Teresa School PWD, Tehatta since 2 years. I am currently appointed as a class teacher of class pre -nursery. I am teaching English, Environmental science,Maths and Hindi. I am a passionate teacher and inspire students and get students interested in what they are learning. I dedicate myself to enable growing young minds to achieve their goals. My presence at Mother Teresa School is very much inspiring and the students love me too. I love singing and dancing with the children while in the class therefore the kids enjoy my class and they are energetic till the end of their class. Pre-Nursery children love to come to school due to friendly environment being created by me in the class.

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I am Miss. Chandrawati Chettri, A graduate from NBBDC of Sikkim University with honours degree in Economics and completed schooling from BPSS East Sikkim. I am a self motivated tutor to teach and care for children in a motivational way that is understanding of all needs of students and skilled classroom management. I am Capable of building an open and interactive environment to help students to express themselves in a better way. I am working as an assistant teacher in Mother Teresa School, Nazirpur since April, 2023. I am happy to be a part of the school and to teach the students of class LKG. The students in my class enjoy the class very well and I too love to teach them. All the students are happy to come to school due to the friendly environment being created in the class and in the school.

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I am Miss. Devika Darjee, hailing from Kalimpong. Graduated from the university of North Bengal with an honours in political science and pursuing MA in the same field. Also has done CCA and DCA courses from Manipal institute of computer education and Vedanta foundation. I am working as an assistant teacher in MOTHER TERESA SCHOOL, Nazirpur, since three years. I am a hard worker and an enthusiastic tutor with an ability to create a positive and imaginative learning environment for pupils. I believe in strong dedication to the total development of children and have the capability to work harder and tend to do best to the students. I like the children, guardian and the school very much. I enjoy teaching in Mother Teresa School, Nazirpr. Children love me and I too love them very much.